In-Home Manners Training


The Basics

Sit, Down, Stay, every house needs a few rules. I teach it all!



Shake, Over, Dance, your dog can be the hit of the party!



Jumping, Pulling? I've got some tips and tricks to help. 



Thinking about a puppy but not sure where to start? Call me!

A well mannered dog is a happy dog and a happy family. I offer affordable individual sessions with no minimum commitment. Buy one session or multiple.  I can create a training plan with the basics or you can dictate what you would like to learn about. 

The best place to train your dog is in your home by the dog's own family. This is where everybody is most comfortable.


I introduce the behavior and teach you to reinforce it and what criteria to look for to make it as perfect as you'd like. This allows the family to be able to continue training even when my assistance is no longer needed. 

Sessions typically last about 45 min to an hour, this may change based on age of dog and what we are working on. We will cover multiple commands not just one thing at a time. This maximizes your session and keeps things interesting.